Italian Beef Pizza

The other day we made some Italian beef. I know we don’t have a post about it. Well next time we will trust me, it’s getting better. So like always we had way to much beef to be able to eat in one or two nights. After thinking about what I could do with the extra beef I got the idea of a pizza. In my hometown of Barrington, IL there is this place, Cooper’s Pizza, which I fell in love with. One of their pizza’s had Italian beef on it, called the wise guy. It was and still is my favorite pizza from there. I decided to use it as meat on a pizza tonight. I made some dough up real quick like always, but this time I tried letting it rise with a slightly different recipe. After it was ready; I formed the dough; sauced it; and put onions, green peppers, and the beef on top. After it was baked and cooled, we dove in. It was delicious. The new pizza recipe was delicious. I don’t think I’ll make the last recipe ever again, it was so much better. The beef was delicious of course. From now on when I make Italian beef I think Italian beef pizza will be on the regular.


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