We Came For the Panini, But Stayed For the Cheesecake

Today we were hanging out with my sister, Michaele, and her friend Annabell. We went on a hike by the river between Evergreen and The Red Rocks. We dropped them off at Annabell’s school to hang out for a little while, and Colleen and I went to Golden, CO in search for some food to eat. After looking around to find somewhere good to eat for quite some time we finally decided on Paninos Sandwich and Bakery. We walked in and started looking at the menu. They have a tasty sounding breakfast menu, but we both wanted something more lunch like. After another lifetime standing there we both decided on the din don. The only difference was Colleen got some balsamic vinegar on hers as well. While waiting for our paninis to come out, we grabbed othello and started playing. They had so many other board games too. We were in a heated battle and then our food was ready. The paninis were nice and hot, and looked delicious. We bit in and could not stop. The bread was so good, as well as the panini as a whole. After finishing our paninis we grabbed some cheesecake to go. We walked back to the car and devoured them before going back to pick up my sister. The cheesecake was unbelievable. Colleen has dreams about them to this day. They were bite size, cold, moist, and delicious. After devouring them we knew we’d be back again to try more.


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