So Much Fish: Sushi at the Woodcellar

So for our spring break my Aunt Mary and Bob flew out my dad and sisters along with me and Colleen to Denver, CO. They recently moved there and thought it would be fun for us all to visit, and it was. A lot of fun. The first day was full of adventures, such as visiting The Red Rocks and going for a hike. After hiking and hanging out at their house, we headed over to one of their favorite bars, The Woodcellar.  On Saturday nights they have a sushi chef come in and make sushi. So Bob, Colleen, and I being the only ones who like sushi decided to eat some while everyone was having the normal American cuisine. According to Bob, three plates were about his normal amount for himself. So having three people we got nine different orders of sushi. Everyone else’s food came out first. We were patiently waiting for our sushi for quite some time. Everyone was getting close to the end of their meals and our tummies were rumbling. Finally we got the first plate. While we were munching on that, the biggest plate I had ever seen was lowered down onto the table. The server presented us with a feast. Half the ones we ordered were non traditional sushi stuffed to the brim, almost twice the size. It was my first time trying eel, and I was pleasantly surprised. We tried our best to finish all of it, but just could not get it down. Soon enough we all threw in the towel, and gave the last five pieces to a friendly chef that passed us by. The sushi was the perfect thing to put Colleen and me asleep after an early morning flight.


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