Simms Steakhouse: Treat Yourself 2012

It was our last night in Colorado and our five month anniversary so we decided to treat ourselves to a nice steak dinner. From my aunts advice we headed over to Simms Steakhouse in Denver, CO. When we arrived we were taken back by how nice it was. It was definitely the fanciest restaurant we’ve ever been to. We were greeted with a complimentary valet parking. Which also happened to be my first valet parking experience. We walk in and the atmosphere is very relaxed and beautiful. From our table, and all the others, there was an unbelievable view of the Denver skyline. It was beautiful. The wait staff did everything for you and were very helpful. We each received a puffy bread in a dish with honey butter. Then we got the Chips & Strings, homemade potato chips, onion strings, and some lightly fried jalapenos. They were so good, the chips and onions were fried to perfection. We each ordered a 10oz Filet Mignon, mine medium rare, and Colleen’s was medium. They were the biggest steaks I have ever seen. The wait staff had us cut into the steak to make sure they were cooked perfectly, which they were. I have never had a medium rare steak before, and would hardly eat steaks when going out to eat, but the first bite had me rethink all my past decisions. It was unbelievable. The steak melted in our mouths and was delicious until the very end. I now understand why people spend this amount of money on steak. The whole meal was fabulous. We left feeling like kings in a car we didn’t even have to walk to. It was so perfect that it was on our anniversary, it made the night that much more special. It was a night we’ll never forget.


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