Red lobster: A Sea Full of Seashells


While dog sitting, my aunt left us gift cards for a few different restaurants. We looked up to see if there were any of the restaurants around Missoula, none of them were, so we decided to use it in Colorado. We chose Red Lobster because RJ had never been and wanted to try some lobster and crab for the first time. First we went on a beautiful mountain road drive.Then after a few detours the GPS took us to, we finally made it. The restaurant and staff were really nice and friendly. We decided to pass on an appetizer because they bring cheddar biscuits. The biscuits were quite tasty but could have used a little more butter. We ended up ordering parmesan-crusted tilapia and then the ultimate feast. We were quite excited to get our food and try some new tastes. It was busy, so after talking for a while our food arrived. We promptly dug in excited to eat it. The lobster and crab were tasty, but different. The sauce on the talapia was strange. I’ve never had lobster or crab before but it seemed like it got cold really fast. The shrimp were good, but nothing I haven’t had before. Overall we were both pretty disappointed. I think the next time I have crab or lobster it’ll be at a local place or grill, but only time will tell.


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