Oh Really Famous Dave? You’re Famous? Never heard of You…

"You want a feast? We got a feast."

We were really craving some BBQ, so we went with the closest thing we could get. Famous Dave’s, a feast for two! Man have we both had better BBQ than this before. The ribs barely had any meat on them. The chicken and brisket were mediocre. It made me really miss the to-die-for beef brisket from Urban BBQ in Highland Park, IL (if you are in Chicago area I highly recommend making a stop there!). I usually do not care for cornbread, but I do gotta say the corn muffins were really good! The coleslaw, beans, corn, and fries were nothing we haven’t had before. Probably will pass next time we are going to eat out.

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2 Responses to Oh Really Famous Dave? You’re Famous? Never heard of You…

  1. Lance Flansaas says:

    Hello my name is Lance Flansaas I am the General Manager at Famous Dave’s and i was reading my reviews online because I really do take every review in consideration. I feel bad that you had a bad experiance and I would really like for you two to come in and have dinner on me. I would really like for you to try dining in this time so we can so you how Famous we can be. In my opinion when you get food togo you lose a little bit of the food’s freshness. Any way if you would like to dine in and have a dinner for two my treat give me a call and I would love to have you back. Thanks again

    • Foodwithaboy says:

      Hey Lance, we’d love to take you up on your offer. We are more than happy to give Famous Dave’s a second chance, because you can’t get the full feel of a restaurant until you eat in. We are unsure when exactly we will have time to come in, but we will give you call probably within a month to let you know when we’ll be in. Thanks again for the offer, and it’s good to see restaurants taking an active role in their reviews.

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