Iron Horse: That Funky Brass Donkey

Yesterday I got five fillings in my teeth and hardly ate anything afterwards. Wanting some tasty food real bad with my now not numb mouth, we headed to Missoulas Iron Horse. We’ve eaten here a couple of times before. I’ve had their burgers but today it was time to try the house special, the Tender 501. We started off with the tomato basil quesadillas with steak for an appetizer. They were some of the best dillas we’ve had. Almost right after we started to eat them our food arrived. We were presented with a feast. I couldn’t wait and promptly cut a piece off so I could chew it (my teeth were still in pain.) I instantly regretted not ordering this earlier. The steak and grilled onions were perfect not to mention the sauce, which tasted similar to the blooming onion sauce from outback. Even though my teeth were in pain I didn’t care and just cut smaller pieces. I had the spicy fries with mine and colleen had the side salad. Needless to say I can not wait to consume that again.


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