Chipotle Burritos and Cheesecake: Oh What a Pair

Let me just start off by saying there is no Chipotle in Missoula. We both have not eaten there since living in Chicago, and while driving to red lobster we passed one and instantly knew we needed to eat it the next day. We woke up and shortly after letting the dogs out, and headed to Chipotle.  I ended up getting a chicken fajita burrito and Colleen got a barbacoa burrito bowl. We also grabbed some chips and guacamole to eat on the side. The food was exactly how we remembered, so delicious. After devouring our burritos we decided to head to Panino Sandwich and Bakery in Golden, CO again to get some more cheesecake. The last time we were there we forgot to use our golden ticket, which we got from the Coors brewery tour and have a chance to win money or a percent off at a local restaurant. This time we remembered though. Instead of getting the mini rectangle cheesecakes, we decided to try the circle premium cheesecakes and Colleen wanted a coffee. With our golden ticket in hand we scratched and it won $10! We were pretty excited cause of course no one ever wins those things. We ended up getting all the cheesecake and coffee for around $6. Dolla dolla bills ya’ll.


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